the kind of day I love

Happy Friday!

Did you have a killer day?

I was home so already mine was A+.

But let’s make it better shall we?


Baking muffins is always fun.

Shari turned me onto an App called Trufflehead.

I found a recipe called High Protein Vanilla Pecan Crunch Muffins.



Oats, ground flax, pecans, egg whites, protein powder….very hearty and moist.

Want one?

After my day of twix and feeling icky yesterday, I decided a hearty breakfast nibble was just what the doctor ordered.

I like them but I am never quite sure if the masses will.

Than I tried Almond Butter Cookies


Soft, and chewy.  The almond butter gives it a sweetness that peanut butter doesn’t have.

If you want some recipes that offer a lot of nutritional punch go download Truffelhead.

Besides some housework, reading games with JJ, and a trip to Costco, I also spent some quality time with Aidez.

I am glad I took a little breather.  The minute I wrapped the Berroco yarn in my hands I fell in love all over again.

Two inches to go and I’ll have met my week 2 goal

I can’t believe how heavy this sweater is already.  It’s going to be warm and cozy!

As our day was winding up, I decided to find a way to use up some orange peppers and chicken.  Shari’s Indian Spiced Quinoa is a favorite in our home.

I don’t have the recipe anymore so I winged it before it dawned on me to go look it up on her recipe page.



I added chopped asparagus too.  It might have been not the original recipe but it was amazing.  Full of flavors and aroma.

Plus it’s a light supper which I love.

I used up leftovers so I loved that too!

Earlier today, I worked with JJ on his letters and he surprised me by reading about 5 words on his own.


Sometimes he cheats, like when he sees the card for egg and he says “bird” I know he looked at the picture.

I’m pretty giddy.  My 3 year old is starting to read.

It’s freaking me out a little.

I still can’t understand big words and use pictures  to cheat.

I’m 40.


Maybe he will learn to read knit charts for me!

This is the kind of day that I love the most.

It’s easy, productive, happy and the coffee was good.

Also I turned my boys into zombies.


He’s really mad at me for making him UGWY.



Really they always look like this before I photoshop them!

The day would not be complete if I did not torture my family!

Gold Rush is on…time to go!



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