a halloween story

This is NOT a yarn post.

You’ll survive.

Time to bake

Got my helper

I made these for Halloween last yea

I think a tradition is in the making

What is Halloween without owl and pumpkin sugar cookies?

my helper was still, well, helpful

I frosted; he sprinkled

time for pumpkin carving

I’ve heard it said that every job requires the proper tool

Some of us take that seriously

Especially since we are not short on tools round here

I shouldn’t poke fun

I have plenty of yarn tools so I have no room to tease

but I still will….

halloween preparations require the proper attire

although, I do dress like this all year long so today I just got lucky.

the perfect halloween supper is spooky spaghetti

Only to counter the sugar I added extra veggies and roasted butternut squash.


it’s TRICK or TREAT right?

my finicky child ate it all up so WOOT!

have to make these

since it’s orange week, sweet potato fries had to find their way into the oven and into my face.

scary pumpkin was lit

time to transform from a 3 year old to the Aviator

do you hear Will Smith’s voice…”I make this look goooooooood”

Men in Black anyone?

I beg my husband to get him an agent so I can retire in luxury

He is such a ladies’ man

All I said was “make your hubba hubba face”


suave rico

he’s off.

lock up your daughters

no, I mean it.

last year he crashed before he could eat one single candy

this year he’s wound up tighter than my ball of yarn

parenting doesn’t really begin until your child talks back

Happy Halloween 2011

it’s been sweet!


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