the not-so-yeti shawlette

Are you done sugar detoxing yet?


Are you still finding small places to stash those mini reeses?

Personally, I am OVER it.

Oh my gosh if I never see another twix it’ll be okay with me.

Funny thing is, Thursday will show up and I’ll go looking for one.

You have to learn to take what I say with a grain of salt, when it comes to twix.

Sugar and me have a life long bond.

We love each other no matter how bad we are together.

I walk away from the relationship and come back the second my day gets un-nerving.

Or if I am bored.

I tried a new relationship with yoga, and even broccoli.

Both are great, no complaints really, but sugar…sugar will always be the one I should say good-bye to but can’t completely.


You know what I am saying.

I am super happy to eat green drinks and salads or not eat at all or try and get my running groove in motion.

Halloween festivities were a blast but I miss the normalcy of life.

That’s the sign of a great holiday in my book.

Please excuse the rambling nature of today’s post.

I can already tell my fingers are going to give away the fact that coffee today was excellent…

..and that I’ve had two cups.

I feel I am betraying the essence of my yarn blog.

Cupcakes and dimple-clad toddler antics sometimes grip me but I am never far from my yarn and needles.

I realize now that I am climbing out of my sugar coma that I never proudly displayed my finished Garden View Shawlette.

You know I almost frogged it a few times.

You know I was unhappy with the hairy-ness of the yarn.

fixed my sideways picture, shew!
You know I ran out of yarn and had to spin another hundred yards of it.

You know I wasn’t sure if blocking it would fix the peculiarities of my attempts at spinning yarn.

Rest assured dear reader that this story has a very happy ending.

I soaked the hairy mess in a mild soap and fabric softener overnight.

Than we blocked the sucker to it’s utter limit and let it dry.

I paced.

I crossed fingers.

I sang songs to it.

I petted it.

I paced some more.

When it was finally time to remove the pins and reveal it’s happiness potential, I was on pins and needles myself.

Not that it was an enormous time suck of a project, but I had placed an enormous amount of pressure on this little shawlette.

It had to be very FALL.


It had to be soft and drape well.


It had to be big enough…

and for the love of shampoo it had to be very NOT HAIRY.

Most of all, most most most importantly of all….

I had to love it.

NO, not you. GO AWAY you evil wrapped in chocolate.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my shawl.

and it’s not so yeti anymore.

the end.


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