on hitting the jackpot

Wow can’t even believe it’s Thursday.

Busy week….busy busy busy.

You remember how at my office Halloween party I won movie tickets?

As it turns out the fun didn’t end there.

Tuesday our office hosted a Wellness Fair.

This would be the third year my employer has hosted this event for us.

They bring in people from our insurance companies, food vendors, and other companies who promote health and fitness.

Local gyms, chiropractor, massage therapists, Jamba Juice, and many more.

It’s fun.

THIS year, we were offered a yoga class before the fair started.


I think I was the first person to sign up.

I even had my outfit picked out; layers, layers layers (this IS work afterall).

Later I was informed that a local farmer was providing information regarding CSA shares in their farm.


I’ve been wanting to buy into a CSA share for a year or two now.

So life went on and I ate my weight in Twix, secretly planning our date night.

I have never ever stepped foot into a yoga studio, so getting the chance to have a real yogi provide instruction, even at work, was a great opportunity in my book.

Tuesday showed up and no yoga instructor.

Tuesday showed up and no CSA Farmer.

So I attended the fair, disappointed.

I breezed past the insurance people, the karate people, the Crunch Fitness people.

I tried to win a Crunch Fitness T shirt but all I got was a sticker.


I got my lil Mango A Go Go from the Jamba Peeps.

Maybe I stole a second one.

I nibbled on some trail mix and drooled over the CSA display which was a huge basket of greens, veggies and fruit.

I wanted to win it …it was part of the raffle.

The fair ended and I went on with my life.


This showed up at my desk though.

It’s for JJ, from Deb.

Considering we’ve seen It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every day since Happy Pumpkin Day he was super duper ultra excited about his gift.

It’s cocoa.

It’s good.

I know because I broke into it.


So yesterday, the winners of the Wellness Fair Raffle were being picked.

Someone won the CSA box.

I buried my sad face in the Excel Spreadsheet I was creating this week.

Cell Tower Contracts.


Today a cellophane bag showed up to my desk.

It had a boat load of produce in it.

Eggplant, greens, dandelion greens, beet greens.

I am all ready to break out my juicer.

Deb and I already decided to split a 6 box bi-weekly CSA share to try it out.

My part would cost $70 bucks.

I was about to email the company when my manager walked up with Deb in tow.

I guess he was one of the winners of the raffle and had to choose between a yoga gift certificate, a shower timer, or a CSA trial membership.

A little bird told him Deb and I had been pinning after that prize for weeks.

So he gave it to us to split.

So I was given half of the veggie box, and half of the trial membership!

Can you say HAPPY DANCE.

Than not 5 minutes later HR called me to say, low and behold, my name was drawn.

There were just two prizes left.

That shower timer (whoop-de doo)

and a month’s membership for YOGA.

I guess I’ll finally get that in studio yoga class after all.


Also, and this was unexpected…..

They teach ZUMBA .

Just happens to be another thing on my list of things to try in a studio if I ever find the time and the cash.

Hitting the jackpot is super exciting.

I should go buy a lottery ticket.

It pays to whine foster good Karma.

I am going to celebrate Friday with a tall green drink.

Hope the universe brings you a smile or the happy dance soon!!!



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