when it’s gross outside

First the weekend starts out and it’s kinda gross.

Rainy, cloudy, almost sunny, cloudy, rainy.

In that order.

All day long.

It’s the kind of day where you time it just so you make your Costco run in the cloudy/almost sunny/cloudy part of the day.

But before that, the neighbor kids grab JJ for a short soccer lesson.

Since its still in the cloudy/almost sunny/cloudy time of day, you jump at the chance to kick him outside agree.

You are witnessing his first ever soccer experience .

Since it’s cloudy/almost sunny you take your tea and yarn with you while you pretend watching your son play soccer for the first time isn’t making you weepy.

You take pictures because you are just weird like that.

This was an “almost sunny” moment.

It was actually kinda nice when it was almost sunny.

Still pretending not to be weepy when other people love your booger-face, almost as much as you do.

Since it’s still cloudy/almost sunny, you quickly get your shopping done.

You also spend way more than you meant too at Costco, but relish in the fact that you will now survive the Apocalypse.

You know, so long as you have gas and electricity, and well, you can still run a blender.

Just sayin.

Since after your window of almost sunny changes back to rainy/cloudy, it’s time to have kids over to play Kinectimals.

Anything to keep your soccer player burning off toddler angst is good news.

Since I’m giddy we are having kids over, I bake.

Okay, I bake anyways but I use them as an excuse.

It’s an oatmeal/raisin/chocolate chip kinda day.

Help yourself!

Since it’s gross outside on day two of the weekend, and you would rather knit than have a face-off with your bored toddler, you let him catch his death of cold jump in puddles.

Maybe you debate with Dad, the whole “catching your death of cold” as being some story your Mother told, you probably just because she didn’t want to bother cleaning mud off your shoes.

You win.

But first you get prepared.

Since you live in California, it’s a little ridiculous to think you really could catch your death of cold.

But you rarely get to wear a hooded coat so it’s more for coolness than for need.

But it IS 50 degrees outside so it’s a coin toss.

Since you made a pair of adorable Rainbow Bright wristeez and your stinker-butt toddler took them, you knit yourself a second pair.

Since you’re pretty sure they are very Rainbow Bright but are a tad hazy, you go google it.

I should have made them longer
Finding Rainbow Bright with a light-saber just increases the coolness factor.

By like a million!

Since your toddler plays outside in freezing California weather for exactly 12 minutes, you don’t get much knitting done.

Since it’s more rainy/gross than cloudy/almost sunny today, this is about as cool as your weekend gets.

You also watch Chicken Little.

Yesterday I did some Zumba Fitness on Kinect.

Today I am thinking something with more muscle power.

Excuse me while I carry my bored toddler upstairs for his third time out.

Just how it is when it’s gross outside.


ps…I actually DID hit my KAL mark for week 3. SHEW


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