farm fresh

I got it.

Deb and I are splitting our box, so I met her with my ultra chic cool bag.

I had no idea how much produce we’d be getting so I played it safe and brought a HUGE bag.

The fact that it’s insulated and kept it fresh until I had time to sort it and wash it was BONUS.

This means it had to wait until this morning. I can’t possibly be expected to take pictures at night.

Pictures of produce are life changing, so I knew I had to get it right.

pumpkin for baking Thanksgiving treats; and an ENORMOUS avocado.

persimmons, red carrots (RED?? really) and some apples.

We are an apple short now.

we are having some debate over what this is. At first I thought it was swiss chard, but I googled it for it’s nutritional content and saw they are red (the stalk anyways) so now I think it’s a bok choy.

either way, we like it.

some lovely greens.

squash, that lil punkin again and a YAM the size of JJ’s head.


a bundle of fresh herbs.

Come back later to see what we cook up!



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