Black and Grey

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?

After my little knitting hiatus, I wanted to show you this pretty bit of fluff.

It’s black and grey and not blue.

Dang camera.

It’s Alpaca.

I am making another gardenview shawlette (like the yeti one) for my Dad’s GF for Christmas.

I would never ever have thought black and grey would qualify as a pretty shawlette, but it’s coming out AMAZING.

I am also confused how I wouldn’t think black and grey would work together being it’s about all I wear.

So I have to have this thing done before Thursday but I am about 10 yards from running out of that one skein of yarn.

The yarn shop is closed today.

So tomorrow you’ll know where I’ll be…and then crankin’ out the last 2 leaves and then blocking it and than wrapping it.

My one holiday knit is turning out to be a little problematic.

Good thing I have Gru as my mentor.

Because when you are a super-villian you don’t care necesarily if your leafy shawlette is done by Christmas.

You only care about stealing the Moon and having power.

All I want is that darn yarn store to open up, so I can finish my shawlette.


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