The Best Way to Learn How to Play Tennis for Beginners

It’s never too late to pick up a new sport. Drag your friends off the couch and get outside for some exercise and fun when you play tennis. If you don’t know the rules or how to play, take a look at a quality tennis website for a quick guide. But the best way to learn is to get involved with others playing the game. Here’s how:

The Local Tennis Scene

Find out about the different programs you can get involved in locally. Clubs will offer private lessons, but these can be pricey. To start off you should just hit around with friends and see how you do. Try to figure out where you fall in the tennis rating system. Complete beginners start at the bottom, but if you are very athletic it isn’t unreasonable to start considerably higher up. Tennis is a fun and social sport, but

it can also be very competitive. Once you have more experience playing you will enjoy testing your skills against other players.

Get a Partner

In tennis you can’t really play by yourself. Find someone that shares your enthusiasm of fitness and the outdoors and get them to go out with you. Not only will this give you someone to practice against, but if you decide to play doubles you’ll already have a partner ready to go. Doubles adds a great social dynamic and a lot of people prefer to only play doubles. Sharing the ups and downs of a match with your partner can be a lot of fun.

Join a League Team

League teams are set up by other players like yourself, but usually out of a club or sometimes even a park. Teams will set up practices and have matches against other teams in the area. Leagues are divided up into different skill levels, so don’t worry if you are just starting out. As long as you know the rules and can keep score there will be a place for you on a team. Ask employees at a club about any leagues they might be hosting. It’s also fine to ask other players you see playing at public courts, but be polite and courteous not to interrupt their match.

Playing in a league can be intimidating, but really it’s all about just getting out there and playing matches. If your team does really well you might get to travel somewhere to play a sectional championship, but this is just some extra incentive to get out and practice with your teammates. Meet new people from your team and build your tennis contact list so you’ll have plenty of people to play tennis with whenever you want.


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