on hitting the jackpot

Wow can’t even believe it’s Thursday.

Busy week….busy busy busy.

You remember how at my office Halloween party I won movie tickets?

As it turns out the fun didn’t end there.

Tuesday our office hosted a Wellness Fair.

This would be the third year my employer has hosted this event for us.

They bring in people from our insurance companies, food vendors, and other companies who promote health and fitness.

Local gyms, chiropractor, massage therapists, Jamba Juice, and many more.

It’s fun.

THIS year, we were offered a yoga class before the fair started.


I think I was the first person to sign up.

I even had my outfit picked out; layers, layers layers (this IS work afterall).

Later I was informed that a local farmer was providing information regarding CSA shares in their farm.


I’ve been wanting to buy into a CSA share for a year or two now.

So life went on and I ate my weight in Twix, secretly planning our date night.

I have never ever stepped foot into a yoga studio, so getting the chance to have a real yogi provide instruction, even at work, was a great opportunity in my book.

Tuesday showed up and no yoga instructor.

Tuesday showed up and no CSA Farmer.

So I attended the fair, disappointed.

I breezed past the insurance people, the karate people, the Crunch Fitness people.

I tried to win a Crunch Fitness T shirt but all I got was a sticker.


I got my lil Mango A Go Go from the Jamba Peeps.

Maybe I stole a second one.

I nibbled on some trail mix and drooled over the CSA display which was a huge basket of greens, veggies and fruit.

I wanted to win it …it was part of the raffle.

The fair ended and I went on with my life.


This showed up at my desk though.

It’s for JJ, from Deb.

Considering we’ve seen It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every day since Happy Pumpkin Day he was super duper ultra excited about his gift.

It’s cocoa.

It’s good.

I know because I broke into it.


So yesterday, the winners of the Wellness Fair Raffle were being picked.

Someone won the CSA box.

I buried my sad face in the Excel Spreadsheet I was creating this week.

Cell Tower Contracts.


Today a cellophane bag showed up to my desk.

It had a boat load of produce in it.

Eggplant, greens, dandelion greens, beet greens.

I am all ready to break out my juicer.

Deb and I already decided to split a 6 box bi-weekly CSA share to try it out.

My part would cost $70 bucks.

I was about to email the company when my manager walked up with Deb in tow.

I guess he was one of the winners of the raffle and had to choose between a yoga gift certificate, a shower timer, or a CSA trial membership.

A little bird told him Deb and I had been pinning after that prize for weeks.

So he gave it to us to split.

So I was given half of the veggie box, and half of the trial membership!

Can you say HAPPY DANCE.

Than not 5 minutes later HR called me to say, low and behold, my name was drawn.

There were just two prizes left.

That shower timer (whoop-de doo)

and a month’s membership for YOGA.

I guess I’ll finally get that in studio yoga class after all.


Also, and this was unexpected…..

They teach ZUMBA .

Just happens to be another thing on my list of things to try in a studio if I ever find the time and the cash.

Hitting the jackpot is super exciting.

I should go buy a lottery ticket.

It pays to whine foster good Karma.

I am going to celebrate Friday with a tall green drink.

Hope the universe brings you a smile or the happy dance soon!!!



the not-so-yeti shawlette

Are you done sugar detoxing yet?


Are you still finding small places to stash those mini reeses?

Personally, I am OVER it.

Oh my gosh if I never see another twix it’ll be okay with me.

Funny thing is, Thursday will show up and I’ll go looking for one.

You have to learn to take what I say with a grain of salt, when it comes to twix.

Sugar and me have a life long bond.

We love each other no matter how bad we are together.

I walk away from the relationship and come back the second my day gets un-nerving.

Or if I am bored.

I tried a new relationship with yoga, and even broccoli.

Both are great, no complaints really, but sugar…sugar will always be the one I should say good-bye to but can’t completely.


You know what I am saying.

I am super happy to eat green drinks and salads or not eat at all or try and get my running groove in motion.

Halloween festivities were a blast but I miss the normalcy of life.

That’s the sign of a great holiday in my book.

Please excuse the rambling nature of today’s post.

I can already tell my fingers are going to give away the fact that coffee today was excellent…

..and that I’ve had two cups.

I feel I am betraying the essence of my yarn blog.

Cupcakes and dimple-clad toddler antics sometimes grip me but I am never far from my yarn and needles.

I realize now that I am climbing out of my sugar coma that I never proudly displayed my finished Garden View Shawlette.

You know I almost frogged it a few times.

You know I was unhappy with the hairy-ness of the yarn.

fixed my sideways picture, shew!
You know I ran out of yarn and had to spin another hundred yards of it.

You know I wasn’t sure if blocking it would fix the peculiarities of my attempts at spinning yarn.

Rest assured dear reader that this story has a very happy ending.

I soaked the hairy mess in a mild soap and fabric softener overnight.

Than we blocked the sucker to it’s utter limit and let it dry.

I paced.

I crossed fingers.

I sang songs to it.

I petted it.

I paced some more.

When it was finally time to remove the pins and reveal it’s happiness potential, I was on pins and needles myself.

Not that it was an enormous time suck of a project, but I had placed an enormous amount of pressure on this little shawlette.

It had to be very FALL.


It had to be soft and drape well.


It had to be big enough…

and for the love of shampoo it had to be very NOT HAIRY.

Most of all, most most most importantly of all….

I had to love it.

NO, not you. GO AWAY you evil wrapped in chocolate.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my shawl.

and it’s not so yeti anymore.

the end.

a halloween story

This is NOT a yarn post.

You’ll survive.

Time to bake

Got my helper

I made these for Halloween last yea

I think a tradition is in the making

What is Halloween without owl and pumpkin sugar cookies?

my helper was still, well, helpful

I frosted; he sprinkled

time for pumpkin carving

I’ve heard it said that every job requires the proper tool

Some of us take that seriously

Especially since we are not short on tools round here

I shouldn’t poke fun

I have plenty of yarn tools so I have no room to tease

but I still will….

halloween preparations require the proper attire

although, I do dress like this all year long so today I just got lucky.

the perfect halloween supper is spooky spaghetti

Only to counter the sugar I added extra veggies and roasted butternut squash.


it’s TRICK or TREAT right?

my finicky child ate it all up so WOOT!

have to make these

since it’s orange week, sweet potato fries had to find their way into the oven and into my face.

scary pumpkin was lit

time to transform from a 3 year old to the Aviator

do you hear Will Smith’s voice…”I make this look goooooooood”

Men in Black anyone?

I beg my husband to get him an agent so I can retire in luxury

He is such a ladies’ man

All I said was “make your hubba hubba face”


suave rico

he’s off.

lock up your daughters

no, I mean it.

last year he crashed before he could eat one single candy

this year he’s wound up tighter than my ball of yarn

parenting doesn’t really begin until your child talks back

Happy Halloween 2011

it’s been sweet!

the kind of day I love

Happy Friday!

Did you have a killer day?

I was home so already mine was A+.

But let’s make it better shall we?


Baking muffins is always fun.

Shari turned me onto an App called Trufflehead.

I found a recipe called High Protein Vanilla Pecan Crunch Muffins.



Oats, ground flax, pecans, egg whites, protein powder….very hearty and moist.

Want one?

After my day of twix and feeling icky yesterday, I decided a hearty breakfast nibble was just what the doctor ordered.

I like them but I am never quite sure if the masses will.

Than I tried Almond Butter Cookies


Soft, and chewy.  The almond butter gives it a sweetness that peanut butter doesn’t have.

If you want some recipes that offer a lot of nutritional punch go download Truffelhead.

Besides some housework, reading games with JJ, and a trip to Costco, I also spent some quality time with Aidez.

I am glad I took a little breather.  The minute I wrapped the Berroco yarn in my hands I fell in love all over again.

Two inches to go and I’ll have met my week 2 goal

I can’t believe how heavy this sweater is already.  It’s going to be warm and cozy!

As our day was winding up, I decided to find a way to use up some orange peppers and chicken.  Shari’s Indian Spiced Quinoa is a favorite in our home.

I don’t have the recipe anymore so I winged it before it dawned on me to go look it up on her recipe page.



I added chopped asparagus too.  It might have been not the original recipe but it was amazing.  Full of flavors and aroma.

Plus it’s a light supper which I love.

I used up leftovers so I loved that too!

Earlier today, I worked with JJ on his letters and he surprised me by reading about 5 words on his own.


Sometimes he cheats, like when he sees the card for egg and he says “bird” I know he looked at the picture.

I’m pretty giddy.  My 3 year old is starting to read.

It’s freaking me out a little.

I still can’t understand big words and use pictures  to cheat.

I’m 40.


Maybe he will learn to read knit charts for me!

This is the kind of day that I love the most.

It’s easy, productive, happy and the coffee was good.

Also I turned my boys into zombies.


He’s really mad at me for making him UGWY.



Really they always look like this before I photoshop them!

The day would not be complete if I did not torture my family!

Gold Rush is on…time to go!



So whenst last we visited, we were contemplating the doomed outcome of my Garden View Shawlette.

I was running out of yarn, finding it becoming hairy like a yeti, and a little over twisted in spots.

Let’s not mention the thick/thin yarn features of being a newbie yarn spinner.

A lot has happened in a few days so let’s catch up shall we?


Did I scare ya?

Are you ready for Halloween?

Doing anything fun?

I might be going to Jury Duty.

I know!


I am so glad its Friday for me because I am readyto have a sleep in morning. for some halloween fun.

It’s kind of a fun day today so that’s always nice.

First, management hosted some fun trick or treating upstairs.

I feel tricks never get enough attention on Halloween, being everyone is a sugar zombie looking for thier next fix, so I decided to try and scare one of my co-workers.


Tee hee.

I got her!

I should have been nice to her because she made this amazing pumpkin bread which I snarfed down before we hit the first candy spot.

I won some movie tickets because the candy I chose had a golden ticket sun sticker on it!

Twix would never steer you wrong people.

On our way out of the little haunted dept of doom, we stopped for some apple cider (which is why I went up there in the first place).

I wished I had brought my travel mug because it was HOT and perfect for this chill that we’ve got going on here lately.

Before we left though, I kicked off my shoes to sneak up on my co-worker again…

Got her, twice!


OK. Time to come back to the Garden View Shawlette.

I know I am supposed to be all focused on Aidez, and trust me, I’m still at it; but the Shawlette has me gripped like a good novel.

If you need a first timer shawl, that is not overly complicated and confusing, fun to knit and beautiful…this one hits the mark.

I mentioned that I was probably going to run out of yarn, and I did.

3 leaves from the end.

In yarn talk that means 2/3 rds of the way through.

I also mentioned that I felt I had about 2 ounces of roving left to spin.

That was bad guess on my part, as I really had 7/8ths of an ounce.

I don’t remember the last time I used my food scale for actual “food”.

So Tuesday was spin night.

this is pencil roving and it’s super easy to spin…little drafting involved

I was set on a certain weight and not too twisted as I mentioned before. Plus I wasn’t going to ply it to take the twist out, nor would I be soaking it, which I almost always do after spinning. It took me two hours to spin 7/8′s of an ounce.

I really made myself slow down and take my time.

Plus I REALLY wanted to get it done Tuesday night.

This 7/8 ounce blob of roving in Toffee (see I told you it had a name) made me another hundred yards and plenty to finish my shawl , which I promptly did on Wednesday.

I realized after spinning the last bit that this roving is just fuzzy and the yeti -ness of my shawl is not my fault…really it’s NOT.

Wednesday night I soaked it in some mild soap and fabric softener, hedging my bet that I could soften, and de-fuzz my yeti shawl.

So today at break me n Deb grabbed our pins and mat and she helped me block it, and now it’s hiding in the break room with fans.

And it smells like goat.

Wet goat.


If you manage your free time wisely you really can do amazing things with it.

And now I am antsy to get back to Aidez. I think I am still ahead of schedule so no pressure!

Oh and see this?

Deb made these super-duper adorable hand warmers that are bright and stripey.

I fell in love with them.

I probably could have begged her to part with them but she made them for a charity event, so she gave me the remaining yarn.

It’s sock weight.

I’ll be making my own witchy-poo hand warmers soon and saving a bit for tiny knitted madness.

Happy Thursday WORLD.

I’m having a sugar rush.

In exactly 12 minutes I’ll have a headache and want to barf.

Okay, I already have the headache.

Gotta love sugar.


Did I scare ya?

how festive am I this week?

This is Hootie Owl. Even my cheap-ass jewelry has to be named by JJ.

Come back by for the final conclusion of Yeti Shawl. The project that begged to be frogged…

…but wasn’t.