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do you think??

Do you think this might be finished by Thanksgiving?

Do you think Aidez makes my butt look big?

Could knitting a beast of a cabled sweater all in one piece be any more brain wracking?

Could I be any fonder of the color Orange?

Is it possible for me to spend my free time without yarn in my hands?

Possible, but painful

It IS cold season and cabled things just make life cozier.

and YES I DO dress kinda like Bob Cratchit.

You see it’s cold at my desk.

Sad but true…Hey, nice scarf buddy.

My orchids refuse to bloom, they think they live in the arctic.

As do I.

I’m off to make some sexy muscles today.


and this is super cool….

I get to do some yoga this week …IN STUDIO


we pick up our FIRST CSA box Thursday.




it’s a long weekend.

HEY, things are looking UP.



the kind of day I love

Happy Friday!

Did you have a killer day?

I was home so already mine was A+.

But let’s make it better shall we?


Baking muffins is always fun.

Shari turned me onto an App called Trufflehead.

I found a recipe called High Protein Vanilla Pecan Crunch Muffins.



Oats, ground flax, pecans, egg whites, protein powder….very hearty and moist.

Want one?

After my day of twix and feeling icky yesterday, I decided a hearty breakfast nibble was just what the doctor ordered.

I like them but I am never quite sure if the masses will.

Than I tried Almond Butter Cookies


Soft, and chewy.  The almond butter gives it a sweetness that peanut butter doesn’t have.

If you want some recipes that offer a lot of nutritional punch go download Truffelhead.

Besides some housework, reading games with JJ, and a trip to Costco, I also spent some quality time with Aidez.

I am glad I took a little breather.  The minute I wrapped the Berroco yarn in my hands I fell in love all over again.

Two inches to go and I’ll have met my week 2 goal

I can’t believe how heavy this sweater is already.  It’s going to be warm and cozy!

As our day was winding up, I decided to find a way to use up some orange peppers and chicken.  Shari’s Indian Spiced Quinoa is a favorite in our home.

I don’t have the recipe anymore so I winged it before it dawned on me to go look it up on her recipe page.



I added chopped asparagus too.  It might have been not the original recipe but it was amazing.  Full of flavors and aroma.

Plus it’s a light supper which I love.

I used up leftovers so I loved that too!

Earlier today, I worked with JJ on his letters and he surprised me by reading about 5 words on his own.


Sometimes he cheats, like when he sees the card for egg and he says “bird” I know he looked at the picture.

I’m pretty giddy.  My 3 year old is starting to read.

It’s freaking me out a little.

I still can’t understand big words and use pictures  to cheat.

I’m 40.


Maybe he will learn to read knit charts for me!

This is the kind of day that I love the most.

It’s easy, productive, happy and the coffee was good.

Also I turned my boys into zombies.


He’s really mad at me for making him UGWY.



Really they always look like this before I photoshop them!

The day would not be complete if I did not torture my family!

Gold Rush is on…time to go!